The GoPro Hero 7 Black is Now Available in Dusk White

When GoPro launched the Hero 7 Black towards the end of last year, fans of the already-popular action and adventure accessory rejoiced and marvelled at its ability to digitally stabilise video as it is captured, making the use of a handheld gimbal less of a requirement for many.

Though the other two offerings in the Hero 7 range; namely the Hero 7 Silver (which actually kinda looks black) and the entry-level Hero 7 White (which, confusingly kinda looks silver), are still killer pieces of equipment that shoot great high-def and are built to outlast the apocalypse, the Hero 7 Black (which is definitely black) is still the clear winner for its stabilisation.

It’s also the preferred camera for loads of professionals who capture video content on the reg, for the fact it shoots in an incredibly vibrant 4K resolution, making editing a breeze.

There’s also its “Superphoto” setting, which essentially eliminates the need to fiddle with any settings when you just need to take a great still photo. Superphoto works by taking multiple shots and looking at the best parts of each one, before digitally stitching them together to give the user the best possible shot.

This is particularly handy shooting outdoors in Linear mode–as much as GoPro made the wide-angle lens mainstream, it makes carrying a “proper” (i.e. a DSLR) camera for still shots often unnecessary.

Now, to add further confusion, though more choice for consumers, the brand is releasing their flagship, the Hero 7 Black, in Dusk White.

Dusk White, which sits somewhere between grey and stucco in terms of hue, is a limited edition offering for the Hero 7 Black, which will be well received by fans who shoot with multiple GoPros in the snow, as it will blend into the background better from other shots. This is the first time the company has offered its flagship camera in a limited edition colourway (though hopefully not the last).

It’s also just bloody cool to get your hands on a limited edition of anything, and given how great the Hero 7 Black is as a travel companion, these will undoubtedly fly off the shelves, which they are set to hit on the 23rd of March (though they will be available on GoPro’s online store from the 3rd of March).

GoPro as a company has had a bumpy couple of years (ironic given their commitment to smooth footage), but their recent focus on what they do best has been a smart move, and the shift towards offering more consumer choice of their winningest product is a no-brainer.

Add to that the fact that Dusk White looks great on this sweet device and you’ve got yourself a fantastic new camera, folks.

Stay tuned for our recent road-test of the new GoPro Hero 7 Black – Dusk White, in Queenstown, New Zealand.

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