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This AI Powered Robot Engraves, Prints, and Holds Just About Everything

The idea of an AI-Powered robot being there to lend you a helping hand once sounded like a thing reserved for sci-fi movies. Today, the idea of electric cars, hoverboards, and dancing robots is a reality more than a futuristic vision. HUENIT is an AI-powered robot designed to utilise 3D-printing technology, laser, robotics and a smart camera to easily and quickly help you with tiresome daily tasks. You’ll be surprised by the amount of technology packed into this cool little guy.

HUENIT is capable of a variety of daily tasks with a number of powerful technologies being built into the compact chassis. Starting with the most important, the robot arm, designed to give the robot quick, precise, and quiet operation. It’s powerful too, being able to lift up to 750g and move at speeds up to 500mm/second.

With a built-in AI Camera that utilises RISK-V based 64-bit processors and AI accelerators, HUENIT offers real-time image recognition and even voice recognition through built-in microphones – think of this as your ultimate smart device (minus Google Assistant). The robot takes care of tasks such as face recognition, image classification, object detection, line tracking, colour recognition, and human segmentation with utmost accuracy. Most notably, the AI camera can operate alone, so it can be connected with open-source hardware like Arduino, Raspberry Pi as well as HUENIT using a UART port.

3D printing is accomplished with a 40W heater & dual cooling system and can use PLA, ABS, and TPU filaments. Basic printing for chair bases, small parts, and levelling systems is easy enough, but we wouldn’t recommend throwing your printer our anytime soon. Nonetheless, it’s a good introduction.

Other notable functions of HUENIT includes;

  • Suction Tool: for picking up objects.
  • Laser Etching: etch your logo into just about everything.
  • Pen Holder: for transferring designs to paper.
  • Creator Module: where you can design and 3D print your own modules.
  • Easy Coding: for block coding, python, Arduino C++, and G-code.
  • Connect: with WiFi and Bluetooth.

HUENIT is currently available to purchase (pre-order) via the Kickstarter link below. Designed by a passionate team of electronics, robotics, software and artificial intelligence experts the future looks bright for robotic AI. The basic kit is priced at $579 and includes the robot arm, module holder and creator module. For the hardcore fan, the Pro-Kit is available for $774 and includes the robot arm, AI camera, prints, pen holder, creator module, laser, suction, and module holder.

Buy it here

Huenit ai robot feature 2

Image: Kickstarter

Huenit ai robot feature 3

Image: Kickstarter

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