Asus Targets Gamers with New ROG Phone

With mobile gaming on the rise (to say the least), now might be the perfect time for Asus to roll out their new ROG smartphone. Indeed, the formidable device delivers just about every spec a gamer could ask of it. That includes a Qualcomm Snapdragon 845, stunning 90Hz AMOLED display, and vapor-chamber cooling system. Driving the point home are 8 GB of RAM, either 128 or 512 GB of storage, and a 4,000 mAh batttery. Put it all together and you’re looking at a smartphone so fast and powerful that most experts are still wondering if it should even exist.

asus gamers rog phone men playing headphone

As if pristine graphics and super-speeds weren’t enough, Asus is also unleashing a special edition ROG. It puts 2.96 GHz at your disposal, making the device the fastest of its kind. Opt for that and 512 GB of storage and you’re holding onto a device that trounces most–if not all–of the competition on multiple fronts. Also available is a Mobile Desktop Dock, allowing you to sync the phone with a 4K monitor and 5.1 channel speakers. Along similar lines, TwinView Dock delivers a secondary display, while WiGig Dock puts those graphics up on your big screen TV.

asus gamers rog phone rear analog controllers

With games like Fortnite headed to the Nintendo Switch and Android platform in 2018, this might be a case of expert timing for Asus. And if it’s not, they probably aren’t too far off the mark. By packing quality graphics and the power of a laptop computer into your smartphone, Asus puts your games on the go in style. And while the phone might not take off among the masses, it’s virtually guaranteed to appease at least a few hardcore gamers out there.

Check it out

asus rog smartphone for gamers 2018

men playing on monitor asus rog phone

asus rog smartphone clamshell accessory

asus gamers rog phone girl playing

asus rog phone playing girl and boy monitor

asus rog gaming phone girl with headphones

girl smiling playing games asus rog phone

asus rog smartphone twinview dock front

asus rog phone twinview dock rare connectors

 asus rog smartphone twinview dock

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