The Legendary Nokia 3310 (Finally) Lands in Australia

When HMD Global announced they’d be releasing a re-hashed version of the once-ubiquitous Nokia 3310 earlier this year, they were met with cheerful applause closely followed by loud groans, when many markets learnt that it would only be available on 2G networks (specifically meaning it wouldn’t work in Oz). At an event at Sydney’s Taronga Zoo today (featuring a terrarium filled with phones, because: Snake – geddit?), it was announced that the beloved 3310 would, as of mid-October, be available for sale down under, with 3G capability, and frankly we’re stoked.

It weighs just a fraction of the original 3310, is a whole lot thinner, with a bigger (colour) screen also and even has a 2MP camera – what a time to be alive. It’ll come in three colours: charcoal, red and azure, with the same ear-piercing ringtones as the original device and, most importantly: Snake pre-installed.

For AU$89.95, I’m calling it early and saying that this is going to be a massive hit, for several reasons. One: there’s a shitload of mums and grandparents out there who get frustrated with a TV remote let alone a smartphone. If you don’t need Snapchat or Instagram then you don’t need the bells and whistles of an expensive device. If you need to tweet or use Facebook then you’re in luck, the 3310 can do that.

nokia 3310 4 colour exhibition

Two: it’s a Nokia, meaning it’s built to last. No cracked screens, no worrying about going without a case for a day, no dodgy screen protector required. I also think it’ll be the go-to phone for parents who want the peace-of-mind of their younger children being contactable, but don’t want them to have unrestricted access to the big bad world that is high-speed internet.

Most impressive, however, is the battery life. While an iPhone can’t go a day without needing to be plugged in, even if you’re not using loads of apps 24/7, this bad boy has stayed true to its roots, boasting a whopping 27 days of standby time. Yes – 27 days. That’s a whole festival worth of charge, including travel to-and-from the grubby campsite, and all without the worry of losing or breaking the damn thing. Or location services.

I’ve got one in my hot little hands – stayed tuned for a full rundown next month of what it’s like to go without apps for a while – I’m looking forward to getting my high score back up on the Snake leaderboard.

Check it out

nokia 3310 new fresher snake game

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