LG G7 ThinQ is More than a Clever Name

The LG G7 has been dubbed the “ThinQ” for more reasons than just marketing. ThinQ is LG’s new artificial intelligence platform that links multiple devices together. In other words, with the LG G7 you can link to any LG product that has the name “ThinQ” and control it from your phone—that’s any device from your TV to your washing machine.

The LG G7 smartphone comes to market with a large screen—6.1 inches—that has a resolution of 3,120 X 1,440 with a 19.5:9 aspect ratio. Part of that screen is the notch where the camera and earpiece are, which other phones have departed from recently. But given the size of the phone, you’re not going to notice that much. Plus, there are options to either decorate the notch area or hide it with black bars.

lg g7 smartphone google acess assistant

If you rely on the Google Assistant, the G7 has an AI key that allows you to access the assistant. You can also double press the same button to access Google Lens vision recognition.

Another great innovation is the inclusion of a bottom-firing speaker that LG is calling a Boombox Speaker. And boombox is a good description. The speaker increases the phone’s volume by six decibels by using the phones body as a resonance chamber. This feature even allows you to put your phone on a hollow box to mimic a woofer and amplify the bass.

There’s plenty to think about with the LG G7 ThinQ.

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