Light Phone 2 is a Relationship Breaker

The Light Phone 2 is looking to break up your love affair with your phone. We spend nearly every minute of our waking days tethered to our electronic devices. Heads down, eyes glued to a little screen, fingers swiping—we’re missing out on the world around us. The Light Phone 2 simplifies the phone back to what it was meant to be originally: a communication tool rather than a mini-master commanding every iota of our attention.

light phone 2 front side

The Light Phone 2 is a 4G LTE phone that comes with the essential functions and none of the add-on frills. With the Light Phone 2, you can make calls (it is a phone after all), message others via texts, and wake up to its alarm. It is also capable of a playlist of your favorite music. The phone comes in either matte white or black. It’s also small—smaller than your iPhone—and has a five hour standby battery life capable of a few hours of talk time.

light phone 2 side

The beauty of the Light Phone is also its purpose. By eliminating all but the necessary communication tools, the Light Phone helps protect us from ourselves, and from the distraction of modern interconnectivity. When you can’t check up on the latest post, or follow the most recent entry, you’re free to do the things that make life enjoyable and rewarding. Breaking up may be hard to do, but it will be worth it when you can live life more fully.

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