Meizu Zero Chinese Smartphone Isn’t a Cheap Knockoff

Chinese knock-offs have earned their reputation. More often than not, they’re cheap imitations that don’t measure up, leaving you frustrated and out the money. Meizu’s new Zero Chinese Smartphone isn’t a knock-off; in fact, it’s more of a pleasant surprise than anything else.

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For starters, Meizu Technology Company, LTD, is a Chinese consumer electronics company. Based in Zhuhai, Guangdong, the company was founded in 2003 by Jack Wong. They started out manufacturing MP3 and MP4 players, but in 2008, they entered the smartphone industry.

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In the ensuing decade, Meizu became the 11th largest smartphone manufacturer in the world, selling over 20 million units in 2015 alone. This isn’t some fly-by-night outfit that is out to separate you from your money. They’re a company planning on staying around for a while.

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Their new phone, the Zero, shows a lot of promise, in spite of using the crowdfunding approach to get it off the ground. Meizu’s goal is to raise USD$100,000 in order to start producing the phones, which will sell for USD$1299. That’s a hefty price tag and a lofty goal, but the phone looks to be worth every penny. The Zero has no ports, buttons, or holes—so complete connectivity and wireless charging.

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It relies on the Snapdragon 845 processor and it has an in-display fingerprint sensor. With no holes, the phone uses “in-screen sound technology” to provide audio.

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Meizu Zero

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