Moment Bundles a Filmmaker’s Tools with an Anamorphic Lens, Battery, and Gimbal

Moment has launched a kickstarter offering a bundle of an anamorphic lens, battery, and gimbal. Their claim is that with this bundle, you’ll have everything you need to capture cinematic quality film using your smart phone. Given that Steven Soderbergh just shot Unsane using only an iPhone 7 Plus and gear from Moment, that claim isn’t as ridiculous as it sounds.

moment built in lens attachment

The first part of the bundle is the anamorphic lens. Anamorphic lenses create that widescreen, letterboxed look for what you’re capturing. Essentially, the lens allows you to shoot wider or longer with its 2:40:1 cinemascope. It also create horizontal flares that have been a hallmark of cinematography.

moment filter mount

The iPhone X Battery Photo Case is the next component in the bundle. The case does two things. First, it has a shutter button that you can use to start and stop filming rather than having to touch the screen. Second, it has a 3,100 mAH battery, so you can shoot twice as much as without it.

moment new macro lens

Third, the bundle has a gimbal counterweight that is universal. With it, you can calibrate your gimbal and phone set up. You can pick up Moment’s gimbal separately.

moment velcro-brand strap

Last but not least, you’ll also get a filter mount that allows you to use standard 62mm filters on your phone’s camera.

You can purchase the whole bundle for just under $1,000, or you can also purchase the items separately.

So can you get cinema quality footage with Moment gear? You can see the proof.

Check it out

moment smartphone boy hand

moment some tools

moment shutter button without touching work

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