Moment’s Biodegradable iPhone Case Looks and Does Good

The case isn’t green but it’s about as green as it can get. Moment Bio’s iPhone 11 case is fully compostable. Made of a proprietary plant-based bio-plastic material, so when it’s time for a new case, you can do so free of any guilt—the case biodegrades in six to 12 months in an active compost cycle.

Additionally, it comes in 100 per cent post-consumer recycled packaging and ships in 100 per cent recyclable materials.

moment bio iPhone 11 case camera

“Instead of using petroleum-based oils,” explains Alex Stankie from Moment, “we use a plant-based oil derived from flaxseed. This plant-based TPU breaks down in eight months to a year in its solid form. To speed up the process and reduce waste, we use the husk of the flaxseed to make the case less dense. The flax husk filler also makes the case more impact resistant, as the air pockets in the husk allow space for the bio case to compress and rebound during an impact.”

That flax husk composition helps with the composting feature of the case. Stankie states, “When the case is sent to compost, the flax husk will biodegrade first, and allow water and air to get inside the case to speed the breakdown process of the bio oil-based ‘plastic.’”

moment bio iPhone 11 case side view

The case is designed with protective walls and lip that goes above the screen for added protection for your phone. Measuring at 1.5mm thick, the case is completely compatible with Qi Wireless charging. Moment also designed the case with a grippy surface to prevent accidental drops. Done in a stylish black, the case will compliment your iPhone in a subtle yet classy way.

moment bio iPhone 11 case plant based material

Phone cases serve multiple purposes, the primary of which being to protect your phone. Secondarily, cases speak about who you are. They can be extensions of your character. What people will see when they see the Bio case on your phone will, at least at first, say that you have a sophisticated look.

But as people learn more about the case and how it contributes to rather than takes away from the environment, they’ll see a deeper level to who you are and what is important to you.

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