Point & Shoot: The Incredible Camera in The Samsung Galaxy S9+

For lifestyle vlogger, videographer, and verified citizen of the world Sam Evans, a new holiday destination, event or activity is more than just a memory. It’s how Sam captures those memories, both in still form and in moving picture, that has earned him more than just a tidy following on Instagram: it’s also made him the go-to guy for first-rate travel video production, both in Australia and abroad.

Sam has long been a fan of his beloved Go-Pro, for filming when he’s off the beaten track, favouring it for its ability to perform when in the throes of yet another epic action sequence (read: jumping out of a plane). Recently, however, he’s started producing some of his content using only his trusty Samsung Galaxy S9+.

samsung galaxy s9+ rare incredible camera

“As I work across social media, my phone is often the centrepiece of my work”, says Sam. “With the upgraded camera on the S9+ I can now make everyday moments epic and capture split second actions with super slow mo to help tell my story. The fact the phone is waterproof enables me to have no limits on where/how I capture content.”

When the phone was released some three months back, it was done so on the premise that this is a camera with a phone attached, and not the other way around. In those three months since, we’ve been playing on our handset, and it’s more than easy to see that this is indeed a superb piece of visual equipment, no matter what your level of experience may be. And while all smartphones come with impressive cameras built-in these days, a pro like Evans can explain the nuanced difference between this and his last phone, to demonstrate exactly why the S9+ is a cut above the rest.

“This new camera shoots at a staggering 960fps, which allows me to turn 0.1 of a second into a full length movie”, he continues. “It also has a dual aperture going down to f1.5 which is enough to bring even the darkest scenes to life.”

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this clip was shot 100% on the new #GalaxyS9 from @samsungau – the quality that can now be achieved from a device that slides into your pocket just baffles me. With 4k/60fps, 1080p/240fps and 720p/960fps now on my phone, I am excited to explore the world of mobile cinematography much more. – huge thanks to the team at @samsungau for believing in me and empowering me as a creative to push my own boundaries, your support means the world. – big love also to @normathias, @angeliquesc and @claudiallorens for helping me with the shoot, you guys are the real MVP! – ?// wanted to also highlight the boys from @theseigemusic for this epic track "The Drum", it fits my vision so well. – #ToTheMakers / #DoWhatYouCant

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To prove they weren’t just talking the talk, Samsung flew Sam to Barcelona for the global launch of the Galaxy S9+. He filmed his entire experience without any professional lighting or lenses: just the phone.

They then took him to their headquarters in Seoul, South Korea, to meet with the president. He shot that entirely on his Galaxy S9+, too.

“In today’s day and age, most people always have their phone on them. When I used to go out to live music events or epic day trips, I’d always pack a GoPro or DSLR, now I can always trust that if I’m in a situation where I need to take a quality shot, my phone will always do the trick. Allowing me to walk around with way less gear on a day to day basis.”

And while it’s obvious that, in Sam’s case, there’s a fair bit of talent behind the lens, both the hardware and the software of the Galaxy S9+ has been specifically created to make everybody better at capturing that perfect snap or professional looking video. Sam leaves us with a few pointers on how to get the most out of the device.

“My best tip for when you’re really trying to take a good image is to shoot using the “Pro” mode. This allows you to take full control of all the camera settings including shutter speed and Aperture, giving you complete creative freedom.”

Whatever setting you use: this is a remarkably well-thought out piece of technology, and the app that controls it has everything you need to replace whatever bulky camera items you carry around for sublime shots. All with a simple point-and-shoot.

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