Grovemade Measuring Collection Are Accurately Good Looking

Grovemade’s Measuring Collection is both accurate and good looking. Milled from solid blocks of metal, the tools are precise and accurate. Most measuring tools today are made by punching the shape out of a sheet of metal or plastic. The numbers are then either printed or etched onto the surface. Grovemade’s tools machine the marks into the surface, so they last longer and look better. The tools are then given a black treatment to make them more conservative in appearance, but to also help the details stand out.

grovemade measuring kit

Using a solid block of metal also allows for more sculptural detail in the tools. Grovemade’s tools have a chamfered edge that makes them pleasing to look at. Contrast that design with the typical flat design of other tools. While those tools just lie on the desk creating more clutter, the Grovemade tools are eye-catching. Those chamfers also make the tools more comfortable to your hand. They feel more natural and that makes them easier to use.

grovemade measuring

Grovemade offers a ruler, protractor, and triangle in their measuring collection. You can purchase them separately or as a kit.

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grovemade tools collection

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