It’s $25,000 for a Custom Droid at Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge

Having your own droid may not require you traveling to a galaxy far, far away. You can pick up a life-size astromech droid that is the spitting image of the famous R2-D2 at the Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge attraction in Disneyland. The memento of your trip to the happiest place on earth will cost you $25,000. You may have just arched your eyebrow at that price tag, but three Star Wars fans didn’t miss a beat during the first week of Star Wars land.

The $25,000 droid measures in at 3 ½ feet tall. You do get to choose your own color scheme, and you even get to decide if the droid comes with battle damage or if it’s factory fresh. The droid features lights and sounds that are movie accurate. The droid is remote controlled, and should you visit Droid Depot, you may see it rolling around the shop, whistling at visitors, and spinning its head. A Disneyland employee controls the unit with an Xbox like controller that he or she keeps hidden.

Should you decide that you would like to pick up a droid of your own, know ahead of time that shipping is not included in the $25,000 price (tax isn’t included either, which is around 7.25 percent in California). Nor will international orders be accepted, which includes Alaska and Hawaii. And before you get any clever ideas, there are no discounts for Disney employees or for annual passholders. The droids take up to 90 days to be delivered, and there are no returns or exchanges.

Disneyland employees have confirmed that three of the robots have already been sold. Even if you’re not likely to be the next one added to that list, you can still walk out of the park with your own $100 build-your-own droid, or you can pick up your own $200 lightsaber or $400 stormtrooper helmet.

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