Cryptozoic Releases Mixed Current Edition Pantone The Game

If you’ve ever had to describe a color to someone over the phone, then you know how easy it can be to get the right color confused, after all, black isn’t just “black.” There are a million different shades of each color out there. That’s why, back in the 1950s, a New York City printer developed an in-house system of classifying the different pigments and colored inks that they used. This system, called the Pantone Color Matching System, was soon adopted throughout the printing and design industries. That same system has inspired a game by Cryptozoic Entertainment—Pantone the Game. The publisher recently released an updated, mixed current edition of the popular board game.

Pantone Board Game box

Pantone the game can be played by two to 20 players at a time. Each game lasts roughly 15 to 30 minutes. Players are dealt four character cards and then allowed to discard one. When all the players have their cards, they each take turns being the “artist.” The artist draws a card that has the name of a character or person. The artist then “creates” an image of that person or character using only the provided color swatch cards, all before the one-minute timer runs out. The rest of the players then try to guess who the color swatches represent. Each character card comes with a hint to help in the guessing, but with each hint, the point value drops. When a character is guessed, the artist and the player both receive points. Game play proceeds over three rounds, with each round getting progressively more difficult. The first round allows for any number of swatch cards to be used; round two limits the colors to only one of each color; the final round only allows three total swatch cards to be used. Whoever has the most points after each player has had the chance to be the artist three times, wins.

Pantone Board Game back view

The game comes with 132 character cards and 60 swatch cards (four each of 15 PMS colors). You can pick up your own Pantone the Game set for $45.

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