From A Galaxy Far Far Away: The Star Wars Crimson Stormtrooper Helmet

With Solo: A Star Wars Story coming out later this year and Episode IX set to come out in 2019, there’s no such thing as acquiring too much Star Wars Memorabilia. While this Crimson Stormtrooper Helmet would fit into that category, it’s far from your average fan collectible.

star wars helmet

Secret Compass and ANOVOS are proud to unveil their collaboration on this Star Wars accessory, but do not want shoppers to confuse it for a toy. This helmet includes ornate details recreated from 3D scans, measurements, and specifications from production pieces used in the filming of the actual Star Wars movies and sourced from the Lucasfilm vault.

stromtrooper helmet

This piece comes pre-made, is complete, and ready to be donned to sport the lava red paint style of all Crimson Stormtroopers throughout the galaxy.

crimson stormtrooper

Vacuum formed in the ABS construction method, this helmet was complete with distinctive asymmetry, a product of the handmade pieces that were also used in production of the original helmets worn and shot in 1977’s Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope.

While not the cheapest piece of memorabilia you can find, this helmet is one of the coolest. If your US hat size is less than 8, and want to look like a die-hard fan at the next movie release, it’s time to treat yourself.

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