First Look at Mel Gibson’s Dark Villain in John Wick Prequel Series ‘The Continental’

As we gear up for the exciting launch of The Continental, the all-new John Wick prequel series, Prime Video has given fans a delightful sneak peek with some amazing first-look images and intriguing character details. The upcoming Peacock TV series, slated for release on Prime Video in September, centres around the infamous titular assassin hotel, showcasing the early days of Ian McShane’s character, Winston Scott, and his rise to becoming the establishment’s owner. Set in the vibrant New York City of the mid-1970s, the show will introduce us to younger versions of well-known franchise figures like Scott and Charon, initially portrayed by the late Lance Reddick, now brilliantly portrayed by Ayomide Adegun.

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The continental season 1 2023
Ian McShane’s Winston Scott in The Continental Season 1 | Image: Prime Video

“The three-part series will explore the origin behind the iconic hotel-for-assassins, which is the centrepiece of the John Wick universe. The show will be seen through the eyes of a young Winston Scott, as he’s dragged into the hellscape of 1970s New York City to face a past he thought he’d left behind. Winston charts a deadly course through the hotel’s mysterious underworld in a harrowing attempt to seize the hotel where he will eventually take his throne” reads the series’ synopsis.

In addition to the fresh new images, the cast even shared some intriguing revelations about the characters they will portray in the upcoming John Wick prequel series. As most of us know by now, Colin Woodell will be stepping into the central role of Winston Scott in the highly anticipated series. Winston is described as a  “handsome, smart, cool, and collected businessman who thinks outside the box.” According to the new description, the character’s life takes a dramatic turn after a traumatic event puts him in “the crosshairs of the law.” Winston finds success as a businessman in London; however, his past catches up with him “when an underworld kingpin from his past, Cormac, sends him on a quest to find his estranged brother, Frankie.”

In The Continental, Winston won’t be the only familiar character whose early years will be explored. Actor Ayomide Adegun steps into the role of Charon, a character we’ve come to know and appreciate. “When we meet young Charon in The Continental, he is a trusted assistant to Cormac. Over the course of the event series, Charon’s loyalties will be tested, and he’ll need to pick between his protector and a potential found family,” reads the new description. Adegun shared his thoughts on taking on this significant role, acknowledging that Lance Reddick’s impressive performance as Charon served as inspiration.

The continental season 1 2023
Ayomide Adegun’s Charon in The Continental Season 1 | Image: Prime Video

“Lance Reddick’s performance definitely inspired me,” Adegun said. “I think he was a great guy and actor. I’ve tried to see it from two perspectives. I could either see it as loads of pressure on me and crumble under that, or trust that my interpretation of the character will align with Lance Reddick’s portrayal of Charon.” Joining the series alongside Woodell and Adegun is the acclaimed Oscar-winner and Hollywood star, Mel Gibson. He will portray the character of Cormac, “an intimidating force, ruthless, brutal, yet capable of charm.”

The ensemble cast features an array of intriguing characters. Mishel Prada takes on the role of KD, an NYPD police detective with “no patience for the corruption that riddles the force”  and is driven by a personal agenda. She encounters a haunting figure from her past during her investigations. Jeremy Bobb portrays Mayhew, KD’s superior at the NYPD. Despite being married with children, Mayhew “has a soft spot” for KD and warns her sternly to steer clear of The Continental Hotel.

The continental season 1 2023
Mel Gibson’s Cormac in The Continental Season 1 | Image: Prime Video

Winston’s older brother, Frankie, a natural-born killer, is played by Ben Robson while Nhung Kate plays Yen, Frankie’s wife, who is “a fierce fighter who will stop at nothing to protect those she loves.” Jessica Allain takes on the role of Lou, an expert martial artist and gunrunner with an intriguing background. Finally, Miles, portrayed by Hubert Point-Du Jour, is Lou’s brother—”a tough, loyal, and smart” Vietnam veteran with an impressive set of skills.

According to Albert Hughes, the director and executive producer, fans are bound to adore The Continental for its similarity to the thrilling Wick films. Hughes said, “Like the Wick films, it’s (the show) a wild, fun ride and it’s unique, it’s colourful, it’s bold, it’s sonic, it has a cast of characters that you’re not going to find in normal movies because of the world that we’re in.”

The Continental is set to debut on Prime Video Australia in September. Check out more images below.

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The continental season 1 2023
Mishel Prada’s KD in The Continental Season 1 | Image: Prime Video
The continental: from the world of john wick
Jeremy Bobb in The Continental Season 1 | Image: Prime Video

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