New Netflix Series from Deadpool Directors – Love, Death & Robots

Netflix is making a new animated anthology series? Sounds interesting. Go on…

It’s called Love, Death and Robots? That…that sounds pretty good…please…continue…

It’s produced by Tim Miller, director of Deadpool? AND by David Fincher, director of Seven and Fight Club … and all those other David Fincher movies? Oh my god, please, please, please hook this show straight to my veins! I’m vibrating just thinking about it.

Well, there’ll be no vein-hooking just yet. The details of the new series remain a mystery. All we know is there will be eighteen animated shorts, from a variety of different filmmakers and in a variety of different styles of animation.

And that Miller has stated that “Love, Death and Robots is my dream project…I’m so fucking excited that the creative landscape has finally changed enough for adult-themed animation to become part of a larger cultural conversation.”

Well, you know what, Mr Miller? Given we love adult-themed animation, we love love, death, and indeed robots, and after your sublime cinematic handling of Deadpool, we love YOU, we’ll say it loud and proud: we’re so fucking excited too.

Nothing is guaranteed in showbiz, but Love, Death and Robots is already looking absolutely ace.