Louis Vuitton Details its First Collection of Fragrances for Men

Louis Vuitton is launching its first-ever collection of fragrances for men, each of its 6 scents honouring your pursuit of freedom and pioneering sensibilities. Let’s take a closer look.

L’Immensité is described as an infinite inner-journey. On the nose, it blends the bitterness of grapefruit and the spice of ginger with addictive and sensual amber notes. On the skin, L’Immensité emanates crackles of ginger. It is spicy, lemony and almost as green as a verbena leaf. “Behind the bitterness of grapefruit, a watery molecule emerges like a white-water rapid rushing along with the aromatic echo of sage and rosemary.”

Nouveau Monde is a homage to explorers of the past. It touches on the smooth side of cocoa and injects a spicy note of saffron. On the skin, the leathery scent of oud mingles with cocoa and incense, all the while granting the saffron enough space to express its energy.

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Orage harnesses the almighty nature of the elements. It’s an earthy vegetal and incredibly regal fragrance that reveals gentle, musky notes as the hours’ pass. Orage melds with the skin, nuzzling in without a sound. “Suddenly, you crave only one thing: to lean in closer, and breathe in every note.”

Sur la Route is both a life path and a lesson in self. It possesses hints of Calabrian citrus with an exceptional grade of cedar. Plus beautiful balsamic notes in perfumery: Peruvian balsam. On the skin, the balm reveals itself to be marvellously addictive, perpetually braced by the freshness of citrus and spicy notes of pink peppercorn and nutmeg.

Au Hasard is for risk takers. Indian sandalwood seed of ambrette emanates a perfume of pear liqueur and vegetal musk. On the skin, are the spicy vibrations of cardamom mix with the charisma of sandalwood, all while the ambrette lends a fruity radiance.

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Off-White founder Virgil Abloh is the new Artistic Director of Louis Vuitton

These are the 5 fragrances that make the essential collection. But wait, there’s more! Louis Vuitton believes that perfume is the object of deserved attention, just as much as jewellery. So the French fashion house is launching a final fragrance made from the rarest ingredients for true connoisseurs of perfumeries. Ombre Nomade.

The basis for Ombre Nomade is oud assam, with the best sourced from a plantation in Bangladesh. Oud is also more expensive than solid gold.

Obtaining all the complexity of this sensual, addictive fragrance required patience. The result harbours strong leathery, spicy and woody accents. A hint of raspberry calms its ardour. A tinge of rose and rosat geranium. The perfume’s name has been hot-stamped in subtle detail on a gold-finished metal, just above the Louis Vuitton signature in a transparent engraving.

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“You can’t fool the connoisseurs,” notes Jacques Cavallier Belletrud, Master Perfumer, Louis Vuitton. “I absolutely wanted to rise to their expectations.”

The Louis Vuitton fragrances for men should rise to the expectations of true connoisseurs while Louis Vuitton’s descriptions should meet the expectations of wordsmiths and writers alike.

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