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Worlds first ai brothel inside

Inside The World’s First AI ‘Cybrothel’

No, you can’t wear your Apple Vision Pro inside the world’s first AI brothel but you can probably bring your robot dog with you. The newly opened ‘Cybrothel’ in Berlin combines life-sized sex dolls with virtual reality goggles to create a 4D experience where clients can react with the anthropomorphic dolls. Currently, the dolls are incapable of physically interacting with the patrons, but they can ‘sext’ using an AI language system.

The brothel operates like a traditional escort business. You can book a private suite for a period of time and choose who you want to spend time with based on appearance and character traits.

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Ai cybrothel
Inside ‘Cybrothel’ in Berlin | Image: Supplied

Cybrothel is the first sex doll brothel using immersive AI, but it’s not the first sex doll brothel. While it’s hard to track (we’re not experts in the matter, sorry) all fingers point to the UK and a venue called Lovedoll UK that was forced to close after it was evicted from a business park in Gateshead, Tyne and Wear in late 2023. Interestingly, the business operated as a test and trial service for the dolls. There have also been instances of private sex doll escort services operating out of people’s homes in the UK.

However, our friends in the USA aren’t exempt from the matter. The City of Houston Mayor, Sylvester Turner, once pushed back against a ‘sex robot brothel’ opening back in 2018, stating “It’s not the sort of business that we advertise for, or we seek to attract… or quite frankly, from my point of view, the sort of business that I want in the city of Houston.”

Inside cybrothel
Sex Doll’s use AI at ‘Cybrothel’ in Berlin | Image: Supplied

The City of Houston is not the only party taking a firm stance against sex doll brothels. In Paris, feminists have opposed sex-doll brothels due to a lack of consent. They’ve argued the dolls are not able to provide consent against the violent fantasies being acted out by their clients. This was echoed by feminist organizations in Sweden who object to the right of men to create artificial women who “obey their smallest command” and “cannot say no to something that the man wants.”

Lorraine Questiaux of the feminist group Mouvement du Nid once called the brothels a “place that makes money from simulating the r*pe of a woman.”

In an article published in The Hill, Jonathan Turley points out that this debate we’re having is different to your typical robot vs. human debate because “the fear is not how a product can harm humans, but how humans are simulating harm through a product.” Concluding that for libertarians, the matter begins and ends with personal choice.

As for the newly opened AI brothel in Berlin, its co-owner Matthias Smetana is certainly taking that approach. He told that visitors were drawn to the pressure-free environment “If you are here, the only person who can judge you is yourself.”

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