Le Creuset Visits a Galaxy Far Away for Star Wars Cookware

Are you up to date on your culinary linguistics? Do you know what a French oven is? Or a roaster? A mini croquette? Or even a trivet? If not, you’ll want to invest in a cooking dictionary because you’re about to be tempted to buy some of each of these cooking implements now that Le Creuset has partnered with Star Wars.

Star Wars x Le Creuset

Le Creuset drew upon the dark side for their French oven. The black oven features the visage of Darth Vader on the lid while “the lid’s interior captures our galactic collaboration—with ‘France’ cast into the enameled iron and translated into Aurebesh, the most recognizable written language in the Star Wars galaxy,” says a release from Le Creuset. That’s not the only interesting lid in the new cookware. For the lid of the Han Solo Carbonite Roaster you get a reproduction of Han frozen in carbonite.

Star Wars x black Le Creuse cookwaret

Still not sure what a mini croquet is? Well, it’s not going to matter because you’re about to become the owner of three of them. For $100 you can pick up the set of mini croquettes that are done up to look like the trio of droids from the Star Wars franchise—C3P0, R2D2, and BB-8. You’re going to need something to set these pieces of cookware on when they’re hot, and that’s where the trivets come into play (now you know what a trivet is—it’s a flat, cast iron dish that you set other hot dishes on to protect your counter or table). Le Creuset is offering two trivets, one with a Death Star design and the other with a Millennium Falcon design.

These new pieces of cookware are available for preorder now and will go on sale starting November 1, but you’ll want to act quickly. According to the release, “Don’t wait to get this special edition cookware; once these are gone, not even the Force will be able to produce more.”

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