Best Made Co Collector’s Cabinet Proves it’s the Fittest

Charles Darwin posited the idea of survival of the fittest, but little did he know that that theory would also apply to the design of his specimen case. Inspired by the famous scientist, Best Made Co is offering a collector’s cabinet that follows the mould of the case with which Darwin travelled. The Collector’s Cabinet was made by H. Gerstner & Sons, and is crafted out of American Cherry wood.

collectors cabinet best made co

Each of the five drawers is lined with felt and features a cork bottom. A gloss top covers the contents of the drawers, allowing your prized collection of samples or just about anything else complete viewing access. The case will allow you to acquire, pin, label, and arrange your collection, just as Darwin did.

And when you’re all done arranging or viewing, lock the case up to keep the content safe.

drawer best made co

The case measures 18.56 inches wide by 15 inches deep and 19.75 inches high. There are four small drawers and one large drawer with a lock. The case comes with brass hardware, including carrying handles. A blue plaque on the front identifies the case as having been made by Best Made Co. The case is currently in pre-release status and is priced at USD$4,600.

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