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Jones partners current desk lamp 2

Jones & Partners Just Delivered the Ultimate Desk Light

Introducing the lamp that can do (pretty much) anything. The Jones Current Lamp is the latest from Jones & Partners, an award-winning product and industrial design company that’s been practising multi-disciplinary design for the past 20 years.

While we were immediately hooked by its sleek, highly minimalist and futuristic design, there’s a lot more to this lamp than meets the eye. Undeniably stylish, the lamp features a thin middle pole, an elongated rectangular lampshade and an uber-thin elongated oval base. It comes in a matte-style charcoal shade and is the epitome of refined lighting design.

However, it’s the many functions of this unique lamp that are really turning heads. Current is not just a lamp, but a configurable task light that offers novel storage as well as integrated power. It has two charging sockets, including USB, wireless charging as well as an AC power socket. It’s magnetised, meaning you can store little paperclips and other magnetic items on the lamp, while a section for pencil pots also allows more storage options.

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Jones partners current desk lamp wireless charging pad
Jones & Partners Current | Image: Supplied

The lamp reveals the innovation of Jones & Partners and a new era for task lights and lighting design more broadly. Jones & Partners researched and designed this unique product concept after noticing a space in the market for a configurable, adaptable and stylish power solution built into task furniture as well as a distinct lack of highly considered power modules for larger workplace surfaces… and it delivered. 

The Jones Current Lamp draws on the studio’s combined expertise in both the contract furniture market and the electronic design scene in order to bridge these two worlds. The end result is a lamp that has a clear goal—to expand the options available for how the changing workplace utilises power hubs, providing a considered and attractive response to the modern way of working—a direct response to the contemporary work model. 

So, it’s time to say goodbye to endless cords, countless miscellaneous pens, and of course, that bulky lamp we never use. One thing we know for sure is that we can guarantee with this on our desks we’ll be more productive and organised, while our desk game will also improve dramatically.

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