Bosch NanoBlade Saw EasyCut 12 Could Be Your Go-To Tool

You might want to mock the Bosch NanoBlade Saw EasyCut 12 when you first see it. After all, I looks like a child’s toy—a miniature chainsaw (and “miniature” is complimentary). But don’t underestimate what this saw can do.

The nanoblade technology gives vibration-free control, making freehand cuts much easier to accomplish even without clamping down your work piece. The design allows for quick and straight cuts close to edges, like for cutting branches off close to the trunk. The blade is easy to change. Just unlock, switch, and lock. You don’t have to worry about oiling, sharpening, or tightening. Cutting speed is easily and precisely controlled with the EasyCut’s trigger switch.

bosch nanoblade easycut trigger switch

The EasyCut 12 also uses a Power for ALL System battery, meaning it can be used with many of your Bosch tools. Bosch also uses Syneon Chip technology for longer battery runtime.

The compact size makes the EasyCut usable with just one hand. The attached storage loop allows for putting the tool up while you’re doing something else while keeping it in easy reaching distance. And no worries about noise. The EasyCut produces a sound level of about 86 dB(A).

But will it really replace all those other saws you need? Just remember the old advice of using the right tool for the job. Each saw has its purpose. Still, there are plenty of uses for the EasyCut, and it’s definitely going to be easier to get it out for those simple cuts.

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