Floatdeck Balance Board Makes Work Healthier and More Comfortable

Have you heard that sitting is the new smoking? Maybe you have. Of course, you may also have heard that standing for long periods of time is just as bad. So what’s really best for your body? What you really need is motion.

Fully’s Floatdeck Balance Board provides that motion.

floatdeck desk top down

Made from durable bamboo, the Floatdeck has a curved underside to it that engages your body’s natural movement and balance. By standing on the deck, you engage your body’s stabilising muscles—your core, hips, and knees.

With that constant adjustment of having to keep your balance on the rounded bottom of the Floatdeck, you’ll be keeping yourself in motion and not allowing a static position to cause undue stress and potential harm to your joints and body. While motion helps keep you in good health and keeps at bay any risks, the motion also helps you to stay awake and alert, which also helps you perform at your best.

And as an added bonus, you’ll be burning more calories than you would either by sitting or standing.

board desk base

Fully has a mission of helping cubicle and office dwellers ways to be both healthier and more engaged. They have a line of chairs, desks, and other accessories to help you feel your most comfortable while at work. Why worry about whether sitting or standing is worse for you—avoid both and get a little exercise in while you’re at it.

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floardeck desk detail

board desk detail

side angle bottom floatdeck