The Masterwal UA1 Ping Pong Table is a Minimalist Masterstroke

Renowned designer Mikiya Kobayashi teamed up with Japanese brand Masterwal for a furniture line consisting of striking wood-based chairs, sofas and other straightforward fare. Then they let him mix things up a bit, so he crafted a ping pong table that puts the “fun” in the functionality and goes big on form in every sense of the word. Dubbed the UA1, Masterwal’s ping pong table is made of either walnut, white oak or black cherry wood, with gorgeous grain patterns and a solid brass line running down the middle.

masterwal ua1 ping pong table top

For the removable net, Kobayashi went with supple, genuine leather, certainly an inspired choice. Take the net away and you’re left with an elegant, minimalist dining table. The result is a ping pong table rife with versatility and designer appeal, and one that will make a stylish addition to any space. Indeed, you won’t even need to hide the UA1 in your man cave. This is recreational furniture that comes with with the wife or girlfriend’s stamp of approval practically built in.

Check it out

masterwal ua1 ping pong table removable leather net

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