Minim Rise Sit/Stand Desk is Simple and Effective

The Minim Rise Sit/Stand Desk from UHURU is aptly named. The design of the desk is minimalistic. Essentially it looks like a dining room table—a wood rectangular top with black legs. But that minimalistic design hides great functionality and forethought. The desk uses an electronic lift system that is built into the steel base. That system lifts the top to a comfortable height. The desk also comes in a fixed height. The raising and lowering of the desk is accomplished via simple controls attached to the underside of the desktop.

minim rise sit and stand wood rectangular top

The forethought that went into the desk resulted in the two sided station having power and connectivity options—power plugs, USB, HDMI, and data slots are integrated into the lower trough. Additionally, a screen can be added to provide privacy for either side of the workstation. Workstations can be set up as one, two-sided station, or chained together to produce rows of stations. The desktops are available in natural walnut, natural oak, grey oak, black laminate, or white laminate. The bases come in white, black, or UHURU black (which is a smoky grey). The dividers also have options, charcoal felt, light grey felt, and natural felt.

minim rise sit and stand black legs

Sit/stand desks are becoming increasingly popular as more and more people begin to recognize the health benefits of changing their working positions. Sitting all day is no longer considered healthy, yet for many of us, that’s the only option for our workstations. UHURU’s Minim Rise Sit/Stand Desk changes all that.

Check it out

minim rise sit and stand top view

minim rise sit and stand side view

minim rise sit and stand two parts

minim rise having power and connectivity options

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