The Internet’s Favourite Couch Burrow is Now Available in Leather

Burrow made a name for itself by creating best-in-class couches, the Nomad Collection. Now Burrow is stepping up their game by adding leather to their lineup. The design may have stayed largely the same, but that was intentional. Burrow cofounder Kabeer Chopra explains, “We didn’t do this to create the most stand-out, attention-grabbing sofas in the world. It’s about making better what we’ve already made, and making buying a couch as simple as possible.”

brown burrow couches

The new couches not only feature a new leather look, they also have bolstered hardware, adjusted arm height, and more fabric options. The cushions were also redesigned to include a thin layer of soft crowning for boosted comfort and more customisation options were added. The sofas are slightly shorter as well, and the built-in USB charger was reinforced.

burrow leather couches

“Look, we didn’t do a lot of napping on our couch when we made it,” confesses Burrow’s other co-founder Stephen Kuhl, “so we didn’t know the arm was too high to rest your head on. These are the things we want to make better.”

back burrow leather couch

The leather options come in top grain Italian leather coloured either in slate or light-brown chestnut that will both patina over time. The leather options start at USD$895 for the club chair and USD$2795 for the fully-kitted sectional.

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