The TRNK Collection Blends with Simple and Elegant Versatility

Too many pieces of furniture demand the spotlight. Such is not the case with the TRNK Collection. Furniture is often overstated, calling attention to itself and dominating a room. When it’s not obnoxiously loud, it’s overstuffed and overfilled with its own importance. The TRNK Collection took a different approach to its design. The pieces are elegant, certainly, but they’re also simple. The genius of this design is that they can blend into any home or living room and not take away from the overall look and feel. Instead, they become a part of the room, bringing the whole thing together and creating a sense of calm and order.

trnk sofa use highest quality fabrics

The TRNK Collection is also very high quality furniture—the kind of stuff that’s built to last. The pieces are made in the US and use a CNC for precise and accurate cuts. Additionally, the upholstery is all laser cut. Such precision between the frames and the upholstery means that each peace is made exactly right, down to the smallest millimeter. The fabrics are of the highest quality, coming from the trusted line by Maharam. These high-performing fabrics are available in 30 different options, and come in fabric, premium leather, and richly toned velvets. The TRNK Collection’s signature upholstery line consists of four leathers paired with tonal fabrics.

trnk sofa green colour high quality sofa

The TRNK Collection fulfills the company’s vision of creating enduring pieces of furniture updated with modern details, and that can be sold at accessible prices.

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trnk sofa four leathers paired with tonal fabrics

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