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Lamborghini revuelto in verde hydra with bronze wheels front

We Spent 2 Hours in the Lamborghini Revuelto Configurator, Here’s What We Came Up With

With the launch of a new Lamborghini flagship supercar comes much deliberation for buyers. What’s supposed to be a joyful experience often turns into a brainstorming session of colour palettes, wheel options, and trim stitching. Of course, those who are serious about purchasing can always head into the nearest Lamborghini dealership to chat through a custom ‘AD PERSONAM’ experience, but for us normal folks, we spend hours in the online configurator, creating the perfect dream car that we’ll never own.

In the same way that we maxed out the cost of a new Porsche GT3 RS, we’re doing the same with Lamborghini. And if the sound of 400 colour options isn’t enough to start your Hybrid V12, then go read about Watches and Wonders 2023.

Lamborghini Revuelto Configurator

We’ll start by prefacing that we’re in the Lamborghini Australia configurator, so the options may vary overseas. Regardless of the fact, the Lamborghini Revuelto customisation experience starts with two options. First, an ‘AD PERSONAM’ car, and second, a ‘base offer’ that’s preconfigured in a gorgeous shade of Bianco Conocerus.

Lamborghini revuelto in verde hydra
Lamborghini Revuelto in Verde Hydra | Image: Lamborghini

Choosing the Paint

After deciding to embark on the full customisation experience that is Lamborghini AD PERSONAM, it was time to choose a colour.

The colour palettes are broken down into ‘expressions’ more so than they are ‘colours’. At first instance, you have ‘Base offer’ colours that include everything from Verde Mantis (green) to Rosso Anteros (red) and Grigio Nimbus (metallic grey). While we’re suckers for these staple Lamborghini colours, if we were optioning a V12 Hybrid, we’d be going a little crazier.

You then move into the ‘Sportiva’ paint category, with brighter and wilder colours such as Viola Pasifae (purple) and Blu Nethuns (blue), you’ll also be treated to the options of shiny gloss or matt colours across the ranges here. Those who currently reside in Beverley Hills will find themselves pursuing the colours in the third category, Contemporanea, where browns, tans, and earth reds are found in shiny and matt finish.

Eclettica houses one of our favourite Lamborghini colours to date, Viola Bast (pinky-purple), while the Classica category offers the infamous Viola 30 colour made famous by the Huracan Performante. Technica colours are all matt finish, with favourites of ours including Nero Nemesis and Verde Turbine for a proper Travis Scott effect. Finally, the full Ad Personam palette finalises the choices for Australia, with Blu Sideris and Rosso Bia standouts.

Ultimately, we decided on a gorgeous shade of Verde Hydra. What many consider to be the best Lamborghini colour on the planet, we agree.

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Lamborghini revuelto in verde hydra with bronze wheels
Lamborghini Revuelto in Verde Hydra | Image: Lamborghini

Choosing the Wheels

Next up are the wheels, where you can generally go a little wilder if choosing a simpler colour for the exterior. In our case, we loved the gold wheels on our Porsche Cayenne Turbo GT, so we channelled that energy and chose the 20″/ 21″ forged Triguero Matt Bronze wheels. We could’ve gone with a black, titanium, or silver option with this style but we played it a bit crazy.

Other wheel design options include a larger 21″ / 22″ Altanero wheel in bronze, diamond cut black, or black. While a smaller 20″ / 21″ cast option is also available called Venancio.

Choosing the Brakes

You’ll want to be careful when choosing your paint colour as the brakes are locked into seven different flavours; Nero Lucido, Arancio, Giallo, Rosso, Argento, Verde, and Verde Chiaro. We went with an understated shade of Argento, which is basically grey.

Lamborghini revuelto in verde hydra with bronze accents
Lamborghini Revuelto in Verde Hydra | Image: Lamborghini

Further Exterior Options

The style package option is a front lip spoiler in a body colour match, while the detailed exterior parts around the front bumper (under the headlights) can be optioned in body colour, the windscreen frame in shiny black, and the frame inserts on Confango in shiny black. Rear badges and exhaust are either shiny black or matt black, while customers also have a choice in engine cover with either black or titanium (as an option).

Finally, livery stripes are available on the rear in red, blue, bronze, and two shades of red and green. We went with bronze to match our wheels and black everywhere else to channel shades of the Huracan Tecnica. A titanium engine cover matches our brakes.

Make your own Lamborghini Revuelto

Configuring the interior of the lamborghini revuelto
Lamborghini Revuelto interior in Verde Hydra | Image: Lamborghini

Configuring the Interior of the Lamborghini Revuelto

On the inside of the Lamborghini Revuelto you can choose from five different trim options, all of which change the style of the seat itself before colours are even applied. As we’re attempting the dangerous combination of exterior body colour match on the interior, we went with the CLASSICA trim in a matching shade of Verde Hydra with Grigio Octans to match the engine cover and brakes, while the stitching is Bronzo Oreadi to match the wheels. Seat belt colours can also be changed, but we opted for basic black.

This is a money-no-object build so we optioned the Q-citura on roof and door panels, alongside an extended leather pack. Of course, the steering wheel is optioned in full Corsa Tex for maximum racecar feel.

Lamborghini revuelto in verde hydra with bronze wheels side angle
Lamborghini Revuelto interior in Verde Hydra | Image: Lamborghini

Finalising Our Lamborghini Revuelto

Now, we slapped every option on the website on our Lamborghini Revuelto, including Surround Assistance Pack, Parking Pack, High Assistant, Headlamps package, Smartphone interface and Connected Services, Pre-trip clima (HVPTC), Lamborghini warranty 5th year, and Lamborghini protective film.

If anyone’s looking to donate a staggering amount of money to us so we can buy this car, check out the author link at the top of this page. Otherwise, you can see our full build via the link below.

Check out our Lamborghini Revuelto 

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