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5 Best Escape Rooms in Canberra | Man of Many

Escape Rooms Canberra offers 70 minutes of escape room madness with their three escape rooms. The rooms are tailor-made around a unique, immersive narrative, each with different difficulty levels, so there’s something for everyone. The best bit is there’s also a cocktail bar and beer garden so that you can sit back unwind with a drink in hand after your near escape!

1. Escape Rooms Canberra

One of the ultimate escape rooms in Canberra if you’re looking for something unique, Revelation Escape Rooms is the place for you. Their rooms focus heavily on the puzzle side of escape rooms, and all their rooms are integrated into one cohesive, character-driven narrative. They even offer detailed statistics so you can work on improving your gameplay!

2. Revelation Puzzle Rooms

Riddle Room Canberra guarantees a fun time with four challenging rooms for you and your mates to discover. Explore the hideaway, where you help find a police detective you has gone missing while investigating an elusive criminal, or try the hotel room, where you will be tasked with the job of retrieving a precious stone that is somewhere in the old abandoned hotel. There are also two more rooms- the nightmare and the dungeon if you’re feeling adventurous!

3. Riddle Room Canberra

Metaphysica is taking it up a notch, offering a virtual reality escape room experience. Expect to be transported to another dimension of space and time- you may find yourself in the unknown depths of the ocean, skyrocketing into space or exploring a sorcerer’s laboratory and see if you can escape. We love Metaphysica because it means we can challenge ourselves in situations that would not be safe (or probably allowed) in any other environment.

4. Metaphysica

Kingpin Canberra is perfect for you if you love solving puzzles and cracking codes. Kingpin’s Cryptology Escape Rooms will no doubt have you at your wit’s ends, with countless rooms to choose from and at one of the most affordable prices as far as escape rooms go in Canberra, a visit here will not leave you disappointed.

5. Kingpin Canberra

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