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7 Best Poke Bowls in Melbourne | Man of Many

Poke Me in South Yarra attracts a steady stream of customers, so they must be doing something right. The base options are great with green tea soba noodles, Asian slaw, turmeric quinoa and more. Add a protein to that from tuna, chicken, Tasmanian salmon, tofu or veggies. Top it off with 4-5 toppings and select a delicious sauce or dressing and you’re good to go. All produce is locally sourced and is prepared right in front of you.

1. Poke Me South Yarra

For a poke bowl to knock your socks off, check out The Poke Man. Combining the freshest salmon and tuna with their secret house marinade, then throwing it all together with some seriously tasty combos like the poke man special with edamame, seaweed, togarashi sauce and wonton crisps or the people’s choice with mixed rice, sweet teriyaki sauce, cucumber, crispy shallots and sesame seeds you’ll be in poke bowl heaven.

2. The Poke Man

PokeBay has an endless amount of combinations to make your bowl truly your own. Choose a base, protein, sauce and up to six toppings or you can try one of the predesigned poke bowls like the gluten-free Cali Surf with fresh salmon, ponzu soy, cucumber, seaweed salad and pickled ginger or the Shrimply the Best with sous vide prawn, wasabi cream, edamame and wasabi peas. Whatever you choose it’s sure to be one of the best poke bowls in Melbourne.

3. PokeBay

Momoya offers up some delicious traditional Japanese recipes like sashimi and donburi, plus some of the best poke bowls in Melbourne. Everything from fried tofu tossed in balsamic teriyaki sauce to slow-cooked pork belly and the usual cubed salmon or tuna is on offer. Combine this with some unique flavours like chilli mayonnaise, seaweed salad, kimchi, just to name a few, and you’ve got yourself a delicious lunch or dinner.

4. Momoya

Healthy fast food is what Hunter’s Harvest is all about. Fusing a range of wholefoods to create unique and interesting flavours which also translates to their delicious Hawaiian poke bowl. They may only have one offer but it’s worth it and includes your choice of smoked salmon, teriyaki salmon, spiced beef, lemon chicken, scrambled tofu or miso mushroom and is topped with avocado, pickled ginger, sriracha mayo and sesame soy.

5. Hunter’s Harvest

You get two menus at Pokéd, one with predesigned poké bowls and one for designing your very own customisable bowl. Just choose what size, base, protein, sauce and topping you want them Pokéd will whip it up for you. If that sounds like more than you want to do, grab a delicious mix created by the team at Pokéd like the Surf and Turf featuring sous vide chicken, prawns, spicy mayo, pineapple salsa, pickled cabbage, wonton crisps and more.

6. Poked

Nosh down on some poke bowls at Nosh Melbourne. Offering some of the best poke bowls in Melbourne, Nosh is devoted to simple, clean eating using local and seasonal produce to make their dishes just that more special. Try out their signature poke bowls like the poke party with fresh salmon cubes doused in creamy sesame sauce, turmeric-infused rice with edamame, sweet potato and charred capsicum strips, or the sashimi lovin’ with fresh tuna, shitake, miso pumpkin and charred broccoli.

7. Nosh

Is poke bowl Japanese?

Poke is a regional American-based cuisine from Hawaii, however, traditional poke seasonings are heavily influenced by Japanese cuisines.

What comes in a poke bowl?

The common ingredients in a poke bowl include rice, used as the base, raw sushi-grade fish, and Asian toppings like soy sauce and seaweed.

Is the poke bowl bad for you?

Poke bowls contain good fats and are packed with protein and Omega-3.

Melbourne Poke Bowls FAQ

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