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Best Session Ales

  • Best Australian: Capital Coast Ale
  • $100
    Brand: Mountain Goat
    Release: Organic Steam Ale
    Size: 330ml
    ABV: 4.5%
    State: Victoria

    1. Mountain Goat Organic Steam Ale

    Brand: Capital Brewing Co.
    Release: Coast Ale
    Size: 375ml
    ABV: 4.3%
    State: ACT

    2. Capital Coast Ale

    Brand: Pilsner Urquell
    Size: 330ml
    ABV: 4.4%
    Country:  Czech Republic

    3. Pilsner Urquell

    Brand: Hook Norton
    Release: Haymaker
    Size: 500ml
    ABV: 5%
    Country: United Kingdom

    4. Hook Norton Haymaker

    Brand: Coopers
    Release: Original Pale Ale
    Size: 375ml
    ABV: 4.5%
    State: South Australia

    5. Coopers Original Pale Ale

    Brand: Founders Brewing
    Release: All Day IPA
    Size: 355ml
    ABV: 4.7%
    Country: USA

    6. Founders All Day IPA

    Brand: John Boston
    Release: The Point Pale Ale
    Size: 330ml
    ABV: 4.2%
    State: NSW

    7. John Boston The Point Pale Ale

    Brand: Four Pines
    Release: ‘Freshy’ Extra Refreshing Ale
    Size: 330ml
    ABV: 4.1%
    State: NSW

    8. Four Pines ‘Freshy’ Extra Refreshing Ale

    Brand: Anchor Brewing
    Release: Steam Ale
    Size: 330ml
    Country: USA

    9. Anchor Steam

    Brand: Algorithm
    Release: Pale Ale
    Size: 375ml
    ABV: 5%
    State: NSW

    10. Algorithm Pale Ale

    In the simplest terms, a session beer is a beer that was brewed to be enjoyed in a long drinking session. This means that it’s lower (sometimes much lower) than most beers you’ll come in contact with. We’re talking 4-5 per cent range in most cases. These beers are known for their thirst-quenching, less-filling flavour profiles that make them the ideal choice for summer drinking.

    What is a Session Ale?

    To arrive at this list of products, the Man of Many team went through hours and rigorous testing, implementation and analysis before culling it down to the very best. Over the last 12 months, we’ve worked on curated products that push boundaries and pioneer new fronts, across the automotive, fashion, lifestyle and technology verticals. Sure, we love getting the latest piece of kit in our hands, but being able to point out the benefits and shortfalls objectively is at the heart of what we do.

    How Man of Many Chose the Best Session Ales

    Best Pale and Dark Ales

    Alternatives to the Best Session Ales For Summer

    What is a Session Ale?

    Session Ales generally refer to beers that are lower in alcohol and crisp. Most beers in this category will be under 4 or 5% ABV and not too filling. These beers also tend not to be too anything.

    What is the difference between session and IPA?

    The phrase IPA stands for India Pale Ale, and sits within the pale ale category. These beers are often heavy in ABV and quite decadent with their flavour profiles. Conversely, session ale refers to beers that are lower in ABV and better suited to hot, outdoor drinking during summer.

    Session Ale FAQs

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