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Jon Bernthal’s 'Punisher' Workout & Diet Plan | Man of Many

For The Punisher, Bernthal followed a very simple diet and avoided junk, fast and processed foods—except on cheat days. But, interestingly, there’s no official “Jon Bernthal’s The Punisher diet plan” on the web. Trust us, we’ve scoured every site and forum in existence—even the dark web. But according to an interview with Men’s Journal, Bernthal doesn’t adopt a draconian diet plan; he just ensures he focuses on eating healthy foods and training regularly in the gym.

Jon Bernthal’s Diet Plan

Bernthal got into shape for the role via weight training, circuit-based workouts, plyometrics (that’s to improve your speed), Mixed Martial Arts and cardio. He also told Entertainment Weekly (EW) he knew some people in the military and was able to train with them to work on his physicality, which involved some obstacle courses and weighted drills and boxing classes.

Jon Bernthal’s Workout Routine

Born in Washington, D.C, Jon Bernthal grew up in Cabin John, Maryland. He attended the Sidwell Friends School and graduated in 1995. He embarked on his tertiary studies at Skidmore College in New York but later discontinued. Uncertain of his future, Berthal took up theatre school in Moscow, Russia.

Who is Jon Bernthal?

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