Kano Brings the Force to You with Star Wars Coding Kit

Kano is probably best known for their colorful Raspberry Pi computers, but in January of 2019, the company announced that they were partnering with Disney on a project. That project turned out to be a Kano Star Wars the Force Coding Kit, which is now available.

The kit consists of a circular case with a printed circuit board that has nine LEDs. The case comes with two tops—the Rebel Alliance or the Galactic Empire. After the pod has been assembled, it can be used to control lightsabers, Porgs, starships, and other items in the Star Wars universe. The kit is Bluetooth enabled so that it can connect to your computer or tablet. The kit works with a companion app that is compatible with Windows 10 PCs, Macs, iPads, and Amazon Fire HD 10 tablets.

If it’s the Force you’re really interested, your journey to becoming a Jedi—or a Sith lord—will have to start with a bit of coding. Inside the app, you’ll work on puzzle-like pieces to set up the code you want to run. The blocks of code that you assemble determine what shows up on the screen and how to interpret your hand movements over the sensor.

Your hand movements might allow you to control a lightsaber, or you might be able to levitate different objects (or choke a disrespectful officer whose lack of faith you find disturbing). You can create custom codes and then share them on the Star Wars Kano World—a social network created for this purpose. Kano will also be releasing additional challenges for you to take on.

The Star Wars the Force Coding kit is available today and can be purchased for USD$79.99 through Kano’s website and Amazon, Target, and Best Buy, as well as select retailers in the US, UK, and Canada.

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