Ubtech’s Star Wars First Order Stormtrooper is its Most Adorable Robot Yet

Let’s face it. There’s very little that’s threatening about a Stormtrooper. From their extreme gullibility to poor aim with laser rifles, no one within the Star Wars universe considers them a serious threat. Which is precisely why they make perfect robot companions.

Robotics company Ubtech is launching a Star Wars First Order Stormtrooper robot that features voice commands, facial recognition, and sentry patrolling. Scare the cat, annoy the dog or just chill out and have some fun with the little guy.

ubtech star wars stormtrooper robot head

“We are thrilled to launch the Star Wars Stormtrooper Robot,” said James Chow, CEO, Ubtech. “Both Star Wars and Ubtech put a great focus on innovation and family-friendly technology. Together, we are delivering a new and interactive experience for Star Wars fans.”

Your personal Stormtrooper features augmented reality (AR) capabilities via the companion app. Use the app to defend the First Order against the Resistance in your own home, issuing direct verbal orders, and launch attacks in first and third person views.

Voice order your Stormtrooper to patrol a designated area to detect and respond to intruders. Create a database of up to three faces using the facial biometrics feature for customised interactions. Just a heads up, the Stormtrooper does not connect to the internet. Instead, it lives within a closed WiFi network.

ubtech star wars stormtrooper robot hand

The Star Wars First Order Stormtrooper Robot by Ubtech sells for AUD $499 and is available for pre-order now from all good tech retailers.

In other Star Wars news, we went hands-on with the single-player campaign in the upcoming Star Wars Battlefront II. Head over to find out why the game’s protagonist is the “007 of the Star Wars universe.”

Check it out

ubtech stormtrooper robot body

ubtech stormtrooper robot all over view

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