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4,049-Piece Hulkbuster LEGO Set will Bring Out the Tony Stark In You

Just as Tony Stark pushed the boundaries of what’s possible with his suits and tech, LEGO is doing the same with its buildable sets. The Danish toymaker has come up with a new collector’s set, dubbed the Hulkbuster (76210), which is, by far, the largest LEGO Marvel set ever released. This isn’t the company’s first attempt at a Hulkbuster set and there have been multiple releases in the past, but none of the previous ones come anywhere near this nearly 21-inch tall beast of a set.

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Hulkbuster lego 1

LEGO Hulkbuster Iron Man set | Image: LEGO

Everything in this new Lego Marvel Hulkbuster (76210) feels fully thought out and the attention to detail here is just impeccable, resulting in something truly remarkable. This Hulkbuster set has numerous “movie-accurate features,” that further add to the set’s magnificence and appeal. The Lego Marvel Hulkbuster contains a whopping 4,049 pieces and as per the toymaker, “this challenging and rewarding construction project is designed with adult enthusiasts in mind.” Collectors assemble!

Right off the bat, one of the things that will instantly attract your gaze is the battery-powered light bricks. To mimic the subtle glow of Stark’s arc reactor, this set comes with three battery-powered brick lights that can be fitted in the chest and one on each hand. The Marvel Hulkbuster (76210) set has a fully jointed upper body for flexibility and can be set up in a variety of ways. For the very first time, the company has used new Lego elements like gold and glow-in-the-dark bricks that further add to its mystique. To make sure the set looks charming from the back, the rear has been fully detailed and includes a myriad of repulsors located all over the armour.

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LEGO Hulkbuster Iron Man set | Image: LEGO

Lego has cut no corners on this one and has taken complete advantage of the Lego Hulkbuster armour’s giant size. Just like Tony could drop into the Hulkbuster and manually control the whole thing at any given time, you can pop open the set’s cockpit too. Once open, the cockpit can fit in a buildable 9″ Marvel Iron Man Minifigure. However, you will need to spend a few bucks extra for the mini figure as it doesn’t come included with the set.

What does come included with the set is a plaque that lists down all the Hulkbuster’s specifications alongside a Tony Stark Minifigure in his Mark 43 suit. Lego is no stranger to giant-sized buildable sets, but with this new Marvel Hulkbuster, the company has upped the ante. The bulky dominating stance of the set commands respect/attention and will be a worthy addition to anyone’s collection. If you have the room and budget for the Lego Marvel Hulkbuster (76210) set, then mark your calendars as the set will officially be available starting on November 9 and will set you back AUD$849.99. As always, Lego VIP members will get early access and will be able to grab theirs as early as November 4.

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Hulkbuster lego

LEGO Hulkbuster Iron Man set | Image: LEGO

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