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LEGO’s Latest ‘Sonic the Hedgehog’ Sets Will Make You Want to Ditch Adulting

LEGO’s new Sonic the Hedgehog building sets are here to satisfy your hunger for speed and the best part is you can actually play with them rather than keeping them on your shelves. The Danish toy maker has officially unveiled four new and upcoming Sonic the Hedgehog buildable playsets, which include adorable figures of Sonic, Tails, Amy, and Robotnik. Instead of opting for a serious collector’s showpiece, LEGO is letting players have some fun and has geared these new sets toward play and entertainment.

The sets are designed with speed lovers in mind and even come with a launcher that can send our beloved hedgehog swirling via an inverted loop. All four Sonic the Hedgehog sets are now available on the Lego website (for viewing) and are slated to arrive on August 1. The prices of these new sets range from AUD $52.99 all the way to AUD $169.99, so there’s something for everyone here.

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Sonic's Speed Sphere Challenge

Sonic’s Speed Sphere Challenge | Image: LEGO

The smallest and most pocket friendly among the four is the Sonic’s Speed Sphere Challenge set. Consisting of just 292 pieces, this buildable set features a Sonic minifigure, a tiny version of Flicky and a Moto bug Badnik baddie, along with a tunnel, a ramp, gold rings to collect and a pair of turntables with speakers that will help bring life to the party. Bundled with the set is a somewhat giant ball that lets you place the hedgehog and fire from a buildable slam launcher, sending Sonic through obstacles and over ramps. The LEGO Sonic’s Speed Sphere Challenge set is priced at AUD $52.99 and will be available for purchase starting August 1.

Tails workshop and tornado plane

Tails’ Workshop and Tornado Plane | Image: LEGO

The second set in the collection is the Tails’ Workshop and Tornado Plane set which includes the double-tailed Fox’s workshop and buildable Tornado bi-plane. To double the fun, the 376-piece set also includes figures of Sonic, Tails, Flicky and Badnick and lets your creativity run wild. The Tails’ Workshop and Tornado Plane will cost AUD $64.99 when it launches on August 1.

Next up is Amy’s Animal Rescue Island set which as the name gives away puts Amy, the animal lover in the centre. This 388-piece set is all about Amy and her curious adventures and she’s joined by Tails, Crabmeat, Picky, Pocky, and Flicky. To make things even more interesting, the set features a hidden area accessible behind a big button. LEGO Amy’s Animal Rescue Island is priced at AUD $84.99.

Sonics green hill zone loop challenge

Sonic’s Green Hill Zone Loop Challenge | Image: LEGO

The last set in the collection is Sonic’s Green Hill Zone Loop Challenge, which is also the most expensive and the largest amongst the lot. Coming in at 802 pieces, this new Sonic Lego sets lets you load the hedgehog in a plastic ball and then shoot him out of a launcher where he’ll run through the loop, which is accompanied by a ramp that will send Sonic soaring through a hoop, and ultimately into Dr. Eggman. In addition to the minifigures of Sonic, Amy, Flicky, Becky, Pocky, and Pecky, the set also gets buildable Badniks Chopper and Newtron thugs, and our first actual Dr. Eggman minifigure, complete with claw-fisted hands. The Sonic’s Green Hill Zone Loop Challenge will set you AUD $169.99 back and is probably the coolest Sonic set to date.

According to Frédéric Roland Andre, the designer at the Lego Group, this new set is unlike anything we have ever seen and offers a fresh new way to experience Sonic. “It really isn’t like anything else! The sets offer an entirely new, action-packed play experience,” said Frédéric Roland Andre. “I’m especially proud of the Speed Sphere, as it was quite a challenge to figure out how we would get Sonic to speed up and interact with each course. Sonic is known for his speed and how he runs and jumps through courses, so for Lego sets inspired by him there was no way we could create a static set, we simply had to be creative and make them as action-packed as possible!”

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