Mia khalifa porn career

Apparently, Mia Khalifa Only Made $12,000 from Her Adult Film Career

Mia Khalifa, the well-known social media personality (is that a thing) would love to be able to move on from her past as a pornographic actress and be better known for her post-porn achievements. This doesn’t seem likely to happen any time soon, though, with a furore whipped up online in the wake of her revelation that during her storied porn career, she made only USD$12,000.

Khalifa tweeted the claim while linking to an interview, apparently in an attempt to downplay the part porn has played in her life, but simply whipped up more porn-centric attention for herself. Many reacted with sympathy and condemnation of the mistreatment of workers in the porn industry. Others went entirely the other way, frankly calling bullshit on Khalifa’s claim and saying there is just no way a performer of her profile would have made no more than 12 grand.

Khalifa followed up by clarifying that she wasn’t saying she’d expected to earn millions, she just wanted to clear up misconceptions about her career. For some, her revelation may have done just that: for others, it’s just reinforced the impression that Khalifa is riding her adult film notoriety to raise her profile in her current endeavours.

Where the truth lies, who can know?

But $12,000? If true, that’s way too low.