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Ryan Reynolds and Hugh Jackman on the set of 'Deadpool 3' (2023) | Image: Ryan Reynolds/Instagram

‘Deadpool 3’ Leak Reveals Hugh Jackman’s Brutal New Wolverine

Leaked footage from the set of Deadpool 3 has revealed some stunning new details about the upcoming superhero film, including a rare behind-the-scenes glimpse at the intense fight choreography. The new Deadpool 3 leak, which first appeared on X (formerly Twitter) reveals an initial look at Hugh Jackman’s return role as Wolverine and it doesn’t disappoint. The 30-second clip shows Jackman and Deadpool actor Ryan Reynolds working through a brutal fight scene in real-time, highlighting the incredible detail that goes into crafting an effective action sequence, and that wasn’t all.

The new behind-the-scenes footage shows Jackman’s Wolverine in the iconic yellow and blue X-Men jumpsuit for the first time on camera. The classic outfit is pulled directly from the comics, however, the initial footage does show Jackman with a few, not-so-handy additions. In the clip, the bulked-up Aussie actor is pictured with two of Deadpool’s swords sticking out of his stomach as he runs through the intricate fight choreography.

Additionally, the leak appears to show Jackman’s Wolverine engaged in a gnarly battle with a character eerily reminiscent of the villain Sabretooth. If true, the arrival of Sabretooth would mark the character’s first appearance in the MCU however, if the images showing Deadpool carrying his severed head are anything to go by, it might be a short-lived cameo.

Ryan Reynolds in 'Deadpool 2' (2018) | Image: Disney
Ryan Reynolds in ‘Deadpool 2’ (2018) | Image: Disney

In terms of the plot, not much is known about Deadpool 3 but initial reports indicate the film may follow the TVA (Time Variance Authority) concept explored in the breakout series Loki. The cross-over intermingling does sound on-brand for Disney, with Gamerant’s Dan Conlin making a case for the ‘buddy-cop’ concept. A time-travelling odd-couple story that forces the grumpy, weathered Wolverine to team up with the brash, unserious Deadpool could make for an interesting premise, but nothing has been confirmed.

The latest set information is welcomed confirmation for fans of Deadpool and the MCU that filming has resumed. For months, the project has sat stagnant, delayed by the lengthy actor and strike strikes, however, the recent resolution has seen the upcoming sequel back on the production slate, albeit with a revised timeline. Last month, Disney confirmed that the Deadpool 3 release date had been moved from May 3 to July 26, making it the only MCU movie to release in 2024.

'Deadpool 3' logo | Image: Disney
‘Deadpool 3’ logo | Image: Disney