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Stranger Things Season 4 ‘Welcome to California’ Trailer

Stranger Things is once again playing its influences pretty close to its chest. The hit Netflix sci-fi series has dropped a new trailer that gives fans a little more insight into season 4, and much like the original three, the Duffner brother’s epic is toasting to the great ’80s films of old. Aloha, Mr Hand!

The new Stranger Things season 4 trailer, entitled ‘Welcome to California’, explores the tropical surrounding Eleven and the Byers family now find themselves in. A stark contrast to the dreary mid-west town of Hawkins, the sun-drenched setting of Lenora Hills represents a new life for the beleaguered teens, but as it has a habit of doing, trouble rears its ugly head.

“Dear Mike, today is day 185. I think I have finally adapted,” Eleven says in the trailer, writing to her estranged friend. “We’re going to have the best spring break ever.” As the new trailer explains, with her powers diminished, the teenage wonder is free to enjoy the painful awkwardness of high school. Much like her Fast Times at Ridgemont High counterparts that inspired the new trailer, Eleven is under siege. From spitballs to science fairs, Eleven’s transition to everyday life isn’t exactly easy, but that’s the least of her problems.

Fast cut scenes show the Byers’ house under attack, with military warfare and a creepy Russian doll that arrives in the mail supply hints at a much-darker timeline. Best of all, the new Stranger Things season 4 trailer does confirm the return of investigative journalist Murray Bauman, who is back for a major role this time around.

While the Stranger Things Season 4 release date has yet to be confirmed, the new instalment is slated to arrive on Netflix in mid-2022 and will consist of nine episodes. Until then, the wait is on.

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