New Trailer Confirms ‘Ted Lasso’ Season 3 Release Date on Apple TV+

The date for the most wholesome man in football’s long-awaited return has been confirmed, with a new teaser trailer for Ted Lasso season three revealing that Jason Sudeikis and the whole AFC Richmond crew will be back on Apple TV+ from March 15. The trailer promises the return of beloved characters like Sam Obisanya, Keeley Jones, and the hard-of-spelling Jamie Tartt, alongside Dani Rojas, Coach Beard, Rebecca Welton, and of course, fan favourite, Roy “He’s here, he’s there, he’s every-f**king-where” Kent.

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Ted Lasso Season 3 First Look Image

You’re a rotten little upstart, Shelley. Image: Apple TV+

Conspicuous in his absence is Nate Shelley, the conniving little ratbag who completed his heel turn at the end of last season, but there’s no doubt he’ll be back. After all, there’s comeuppance to be had. Saying that, it probably won’t come in the form you’d normally expect, as ol’ Ted has a habit of resolving conflict in ways that don’t follow the usual course of things. It’s part of what’s made Sudeikis’ creation such a popular and endearing character.

The trailer for Ted Lasso season three doesn’t give anything away plot-wise, although it’s clear the returning theme of belief will be a big one for this season, which is likely to be Lasso and co’s finale. This was recently confirmed by Brett Goldstein – the writer/actor who also plays Roy Kent – when he said the third season was being written as the show’s last, which had been the plan from the start.

Ted Lasso

Image: Apple TV+

While it will be a shame to say goodbye to the AFC Richmond crew, it’s encouraging to know that the show’s creators will be able to wrap things up as they had always intended. In our book, that’s certainly preferable to the show being renewed for further seasons, only to then slowly run out of steam as it drifts towards mediocrity. Better to burn out than to fade away as they say.

We’ll definitely be catching Lasso’s third outing when the first of the 12 (according to IMDb) weekly episodes hits Apple TV+ on March 15. To see what Ted Lasso season three has in store, check out the teaser trailer above or via the link below.

Check it out

Ted lasso

Image: Apple TV+


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