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Chris evans on red carpet jesse grant

How to Get Chris Evans ‘Lightyear’ Red Carpet Look

We’ve all heard the saying “if it’s good enough for a celebrity then it’s good enough for me,” and when we’re talking about ‘Lightyear’ star Chris Evans and his red carpet ensemble then it’s certainly good enough for us. ‘Military Impressionism’ is how we’d describe it, as Evans combines Todd Snyder’s Italian Cotton Gurkha Trousers with Percival’s Impressionist Jacquard shirt – the trousers being the standout – as they’ve become Evans’s go-to pair for the majority of his looks. Let’s check them out.

While we’ve been a little slow on the Todd Snyder hype-train, the brand (and designer himself) has proven to always look for unexpected ways to push creative boundaries and redefine how the modern man should present themselves to the world. This works well with Chris Evans and his personal style – he always likes to push creative boundaries both in his job and his looks.

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Todd snyder italian cotton gurkha trousers

Image: Todd Snyder

Todd Snyder Italian Cotton Gurkha Trousers

Fit: Classic
Material: Fabric from Italy’s Sondrio Mill, 98% cotton, 2% elastane
Made in: Portugal
Style number: PA999061

The Ghurka Trousers have become a staple for Chris Evans. We’ve seen him rock the Todd Snyder Trousers at events including the ‘Lightyear’ premiere and the MTV awards. Made in Portugal and inspired by a vintage British military style with a modern twist, the fabric is sourced from Italy’s Sondrio Mill and is a blend of lightweight 98% cotton twill. We love the hint of stretch which makes them perfect for hot summer weather and the double-pleated front with an adjustable self-belted waist is designed to sit slightly higher than a typical chino. The fit is classic yet relaxed through the upper section of the trouser and then tailored through the leg. Available in eight colourways such as Navy Pinstripe and Black, we’ll stick with the classic Olive. Priced at $392 AUD they’re good value for a European-made pant

How to wear them – If you’re going somewhere important, throw them on with a nice button-up and jacket and you are ready to go. Or why not copy the man himself, Chris has worn them with a colourful patterned knitted polo (detailed below) and he’s worn them with a classic white singlet paired with a bomber jacket. These trousers will literally go with anything.

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Percival impressionist jacquard shirt

Image: Percival

Percival Impressionist Jacquard Shirt

Knitted polo shirts have become a bit of a wardrobe staple in 2022 and the Impressionist Jacquard from Percival has become a bit of a favourite of ours since Chris Evans debuted it on the Lightyear red carpet. Inspiration has been taken from a circa 1870s painting with the dabs and strokes you see outlined on the shirt giving an unexpected yet mature appearance. Knitted, embroidered, textural, and made from 100% cotton it’s no wonder Chris is such a fan of the shirt.

How to wear it – We love how Chris styled the shirt, however, you could also wear it open with a white tank top underneath for those hot summer days. Thanks to the earthy tones, deep blacks, and pops of colour you can really choose your own adventure with trousers and shoes, although we always recommend a quality penny loafer or minimalist pair of sneakers.

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Chris evans on red carpet for lightyear

Image: Jon Kopaloff

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