Custom Persol 714SM X Custom Projects Black Ice Continue McQueen’s Legacy

The Persol 714 was made cool as only the original “King of Cool,” Steve McQueen could have done. McQueen wore the foldable glasses for the 1968 The Thomas Crown Affair, and the glasses took off. The originals worn by McQueen sold at auction for $70,000 in 2006, so those aren’t an option, but you can pick up reproductions of the glasses.

Now Eyegoodies is offering a custom version of the glasses—inward folding hinges and all—with a new twist to the iconic look.

persol custom black ice

Black Ice uses the frame of the Persol 714 and adds in some of the most technically advanced lenses available. The black polarised lenses are made by Japanese lens maker Nikon and are finished with a custom multilayer mirror. Even in the harshest environment, the lenses provide sharp visual acuity and virtually eliminate glare.

They also protect against ultraviolet and infrared light. The glasses are completely blacked out, which only heightens the mystique, adding to the legacy started by McQueen.

back persol

The glasses are handmade in Italy and come with a special edition premium brown leather Persol case. As a custom, special edition Eyegoodies project, Black Ice has limited availability—meaning once they are sold out, you won’t be finding any more anywhere else, unless you feel like waiting for them to show up at auction like the originals did.

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