Gravel Explorer Toiletry Bag is a Travel Must-Have

Known as the toiletry bag in some circles, the Dopp kit in others, this humble accessory is one of the single most essential items for travel. Yet, many options offer little internal organisation, leaving travellers at risk of shampoo explosions or leaking creams and gels getting up close and personal with toothbrush bristles.

So we’re looking to Gravel – the brand which designs functional toiletry bags with sealed-off, waterproof compartments to separate the toothbrush, toothpaste, shampoo and such. Plus each kit features several other mesh compartments for all your dry toiletry items, keeping everything nice and separate and organised. If anything explodes in transit, it stays contained in its section, without ever running the risk of ruining the rest of your cargo.

gravel toiletry bag with compartments

Gravel has made its flagship kit available in two sizes: Explorer Plus and Explorer Slim. Plus is the larger option with eight compartments while Slim has six. Both bags include an adjustable hideaway strap and g-hook and is backed by a lifetime warranty.

Gravel is the US-based brand that raised over one million dollars on Kickstarter funding the first Explorer toiletry bag. The name Gravel stems from the off-road surface that led the founders to some of their favourite scenic locations. To them, Gravel is the means to somewhere amazing.

Moving forward, your choices include remaining as you are or becoming more organised and purchasing a Gravel Explorer toiletry bag via the link below. If this kit saves you from inserting soap-covered toothbrush bristles into your mouth just once, it’s worth the price of admission.

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gravel toiletry bag and razor

gravel toiletry bag passport pocket exterior

gravel toiletry bag passport pocket internal bag

gravel toiletry bag passport pocket

gravel toiletry bag hook