Jump to the Moon with Burberry’s B Bounce Game

Marketing gimmicks are all around us. Some are creative, some boring. Others are fun and entertaining, while still more leaving you scratching your head wondering what they were thinking. Burberry, the British luxury brand headquartered in London, is using online gaming to promote their latest line of jackets. The Burberry B Bounce is available to play on the Burberry website.

Burberry jacket

“We have experimented with gaming in China,” explains Mark Morris, senior vice president of digital commerce for Burberry. “But B Bounce is our first playful extension into this format to entertain and connect with our new, younger consumers around the world. We know that they are living in an increasingly gamified environment both online and off-line, and we are excited that they can join the Burberry community—and explore our new puffer collection—in this way.”

Burberry B-Bounce Game

The game depicts a deer-shaped character that is wearing one of three Thomas Burberry monogram puffer jackets. The character bounces on platforms, rising every higher, with the goal of getting to the moon. The character is controlled by clicking and dragging. You can gain extra speed by collecting gold TB logos and drones as you jump from platform to platform. The game gets harder as you go, with more elements being added. According to Rachel Waller, vice president of digital marketing for Burberry, “You need to be careful, if you are hit by lightning and snow, you might fall down. It has British weather as we are a British brand.”

Burberry B-Bounce Game back view of the model

Not only is the game entertaining, but it’s also a way that you can get free Burberry products. Once you hit 500 meters, you are awarded custom GIFs and virtual Burberry puffer jackets. You also get a chance to win a real jacket from the collection when you reach 15,000 meters, with winners being named in the U.K., U.S., Canada, china, Japan, and South Korea.

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Burberry B-Bounce Game jacket

Burberry B-Bounce Game dark color jacket