Ministry of Supply Mercury Intelligent Heated Jacket is Ready to Get to Know You

Ministry of Supply launched their business on Kickstarter, and they’re back with their new Mercury Intelligent Heated Jacket. The jacket uses three carbon fiber heating elements to provide a personalized micro-climate. Whether you’re looking to be a little warmer, or if you’re just right, the jacket learns your preferences over time, and will react accordingly. Controlled by an on-the-go app, the jacket is capable of heating instantaneously up to 135 degrees Fahrenheit (57 degrees Celsius). That’s roughly the temperature of a hot cup of coffee.

The jacket is powered off of a portable USB charger. Just plug in the battery, and the Mercury Intelligent Jacket triangulates your preferred temperature using an accelerometer, your body temperature, and the outside temperature. The more feedback you provide the jacket, the more it will come to know how you like your temperature. The battery gives the jacket a 4.5 hour life at maximum power. Speaking of controlling the jacket, it’s voice activated and comes pre-programmed. The jacket is also “everything” proof—from water, to wind, to cold, to odor. It also features four-way stretch, and is made of durable material. Designed with baffling, you won’t have to worry about the insulation bunching up. It’s also machine washable for easy care. It’s available in two colors (navy and black), has six pockets, and a detachable hood.

The heaters are located on the upper back and in the pockets. In addition to the heaters, the jacket also features a Qi charging system in the pocket.

Check it out

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