Mr. Koya Makes Shirts That’ll Give You Two Reasons to Smile

”There’s just something about a good shirt”, reads the swing tag on a new Mr. Koya shirt, hanging proudly on its rack at Darlinghurst’s Fine Fellow. “It’s not just about how it protects your skin from chemtrails. It’s about feeling good, and knowing that when the End Times approach, you’ll be sporting threads that even the most cabin-feverish doomsday prepper will envy.”

A pinch of humour is, in fact, an important ingredient for Mr. Koya, an Australian shirt company determined to give men more than just a wearable outlet with which to express their inner party animal, but also a reason to smile.

mr. koya shirt blue

In collaboration with Fine Fellow last week, the outfitters hosted an event which showcased their fineries, and shone a spotlight on mental health awareness: an issue which many men in Australia face. By using their range of shirts as a jumping off point for conversations, Mr. Koya highlighted “the importance of being true to oneself and being mindful enough to seek help when things are looking down”, by donating all profits from the evening to mental health charity SANE Australia, who support four million Australians affected by complex mental illness.

mr. koya shirt red

Mr. Koya’s shirts follow a simple formula. They don’t do pants, they don’t do shoes; they don’t even do long sleeves. Mr. Koya makes short-sleeved shirts that pop, and match your personality. Whether you’re a man of colours who needs his attire to scream or a reserved kinda guy who prefers his clobber to speak in fewer words, there’s an expressive print for all.

They also offer their Cubano range (slightly larger fitting and “airier”, the Cubano’s cut is reminiscent of every Miami bad-guy’s wardrobe, but in a good way), which comes in a revolutionary material called “Tencel”. Made from bamboo and Eucalyptus fibres, Tencel is slick, but breathes like cotton, making it the perfect fabric to wear against your skin when the sun is beating down.

mr. koya shirt red

Donning a handsome top and stepping out in the sun is always a valid reason to wear a grin, and with Mr. Koya’s dedication to both looking good and feeling good, and their commitment to mental health concerns, this is a company which is all about ensuring that this summer is full of smiles.

Mr. Koya

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