SKWOSH Launches its First Range of T-Shirts

Summer is upon us here in Australia and native swimwear brand SKWOSH has released a debut range of tees just for the occasion. This is a company that lives by a motto of “fruit, fun and sun,” and its newest apparel duly abides. Made of 100% cotton with a heavy enzyme wash, each t-shirt delivers a perfect fit and crisp colour. Three of the four variants feature catchy names like Grapevine (purple), Banarama (yellow), and Berrylicious (red). For the simple gents out there, meanwhile, the brand also offers a navy tee.

skwosh t-shirts pink

True to the Aussie spirit, SKWOSH does what it can to pack its apparel with all sorts of positive vibes. To that end, the new range of tees falls right in line with the brand’s overall agenda. Just one look and you’re already feeling more inclined to step outside and hang by the pool or on the beach. That is, in fact, what these tees were made for. Find the colour that speaks to you and let it brighten up your summer. And don’t forget to throw in some swim trunks from the same brand while you’re at it.

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skwosh t-shirts purple

skwosh t-shirts blue