Solo Socks are the World’s Best No-Show Socks

Socks. Cant live without them. Or at least you shouldn’t. Solo Socks are here to add a little excitement to your morning routine and make it look like you’re wearing nothing at all under your shoes. Solo Socks No-Shows are ridiculously appealing ankle socks that do something innovative, yet so obviously needed. They do away with pairs, so there’s no need to worry about matching the pattern.

A box of Solo Socks contains 7 individual socks, all a bit different, but similar enough that any 2 work as a pair. The 7th sock is a spare to replace one that inevitably goes missing in the wash.

solo sock organic cotton

Also, the socks don’t smell. Solo Socks are treated with a lasting Bi-ome coating to fight bacteria and fungi to guarantee optimal freshness and hygiene. You can finally slip off your shoes in a crowded room without receiving dirty looks. Solo Socks are sustainable; made from organic cotton with an enlarged heel and silicone grip for the ultimate blend of comfort and convenience.

You’re probably thinking “sounds great. Where do I sign up?” The answer is Kickstarter my friend. One box of 7 socks will set you back US $29 or around AU $38. There are 5 designs to choose from so there’s bound to be at least one to suit your personality and style.

solo sock enlarged heel

Solo Socks is a Scandinavian brand, and No-Show socks is its third successful crowdfunding campaign. That’s right; the No-Show’s were funded in just 16 hours. That’s because there’s plenty to love for these socks.

Another sock reccomendation and personal favourite: Stance Star Wars socks. Plus, if you’re looking for another accesserory that’s just as bright, bold and beautiful, take a look at this range of scarves from designer David Subroto.

Check it out

black solo sock

white solo sock

 solo sock silicone grip

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