SQDAthletica is Turning Recycled Bottles into Sportswear

Australian athletic brand SQDAthletica has so far prevented over 13,300 plastic bottles from ending up in the landfill by turning the waste into 100% recycled polyester.

Using the raw material found in clear plastic bottles, each piece in the Orion collection is made from between six to ten recycled bottles. Orion includes a singlet, long-sleeve and short sleeve tees.

“We’re very conscious of our environmental impact when producing our garments,” said Scott Philipson, SQDAthletica’s General Manager. “By using recycled polyester over virgin polyester, we’re doing our part to reduce the number of plastic bottles ending up in landfill, and as a result, also helping to reduce our CO2 carbon emissions.”

The Orion collection also impressively claims to defeat bad odour. The collection features Polygiene anti-odour technology, a permanent fabric treatment that uses 100% recycled silver chloride to break down the bacteria in sweat which causes clothes to stink. SQDAthletica suggests these garments can be worn several times before needing to be washed, saving on water and energy and extending the life of the clothing.

environmentally sustainable clothing

“Sweat itself is odourless, but it creates the perfect environment for bacteria to grow, and this causes us and our clothes to stink,” adds Mr Philipson.

“In our climate, in particular, this means we’re washing our gear more and throwing it out sooner. With Polygiene, you don’t have to wash after every wear, even after a heavy workout, which is better for the wearer and better for the environment.”

Founded in 2016, SQDAthletica is focused on inspiring men to be fit for life through its high-quality technical athletic wear, balanced lifestyle principles and local community and charity programs.

SQDAthletica’s Orion collection made from 100% recycled polyester is available now. The singlet and tees are priced between $49 AUD and $69. You can find the sporting apparel via the link below. Take advantage of the free express shipping and score a free shirt with every order over $150.

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environmentally sustainable clothing

environmentally sustainable clothing

environmentally sustainable clothing