10 Faux Hawk Haircuts & Hairstyles for Men

Less a cousin to the mohawk and more like its stylish offspring, the faux hawk is a contemporary men’s haircut ably distanced from its own lineage. Indeed, while a good mohawk might represent the punk spirit in hair form, the faux hawk is by contrast far more professional and versatile. Of course this all begs the question: what exactly is a men’s faux hawk?

The answer is pretty simple: it’s a men’s hairstyle or haircut that emphasises a longer strip at the top and an undercut, fade, taper or shorter length cut around the sides. At first that sounds pretty much like a mohawk, but it’s not. The faux hawk is far more modest in appearance, bearing a stronger connection to the modern quiff or pompadour than any punk (or Native American) aesthetic of yore. Not only does that mean the faux hawk is terrifically manageable, but it’s the perfect way to tout some individual style without going full electrocuted porcupine. Read on for some men’s faux hawk hairstyle tips and haircuts.

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faux hawk haircut cool fohawk fades

How to Style a Faux Hawk

A few things stand out on a great men’s faux hawk, namely contrast, blending and texture. The contrast comes by way of longer hair on top and shorter hair around the sides. The texture can be achieved through a variety of means and varies depending on hair type and faux hawk style. Blending or layering, meanwhile, relates to how much distinction you want between the faux hawk and the adjoining side cut. Some men like a truly uniform appearance, meaning just a little more hair on top that blends seamlessly with the hair around it. Meanwhile, some other gents prefer stark contrast and go for a buzzed undercut, perhaps drawing more closely upon the spirit of the original mohawk.

If you’re a modern male ready to explore the faux hawk in all its glory, our first bit of advice would be to pursue a style that goes best with the physical structure of your face. Also, if this is new territory you might consider leaving most of initial legwork in the hands of your barber. That same barber or hairdresser will not only help you discover your personal faux hawk aesthetic, but give you proper guidance in terms of maintaining that aesthetic at home until your next haircut.

fohawk taper hair fade

If you’d rather go your own way, a general pointer is to properly use hair product like pomade to sustain texture and appearance. Add the product when your hair is almost but not completely dry after rinsing/washing. For the most part you should rely on your fingers to shape and sculpt the faux hawk. To enhance volume, blow dry the hair toward the back along the centre while massaging in some more product with your fingers. When you have the look you’re going for, apply hairspray or another holding product to keep the style fixed in place.


faux hawk fade cool fohawk haircuts for men

10 Faux Hawk Haircuts and Hairstyles for Men

Hair type varies. Hairstyle varies. Likewise, not all faux hawks are created equal. Of course that’s a good thing because it means you have room to experiment and find the look that’s right for you. Here are 10 Faux Hawk Haircuts that will get your journey started right!


short hair faux hawk

1. Layered Short Hair Faux Hawk

For those who’d rather stay on the safe side of bold style, consider a short faux hawk with ample layering. These haircuts don’t so much scream anarchy as they do handsome modernity. Keep the side hair just a tad shorter than the hair on top to lend everything a uniform appearance. Use a little hair product and your fingers to achieve a look that’s as messy as it is precise. For the modern man who simply wants to exude sharpness, accept no substitutes.


deep part faux hawk how to do

2. Deep Part Faux Hawk

Most traditional deep parts highlight the part on one side only. The faux hawk takes that a step further by employing a hard part on both sides, thereby giving the top hair a little effortless prominence. Surround that with a nice fade and you’re riding on all sorts of distinction.


long hair faux hawk

3. Long Hair Faux Hawk

Long hair faux hawk almost sounds one step short of full blown mohawk, but that’s not generally the case. Instead, a long hair faux hawk relies on playing with volume and texture to create a fuller appearance. Swirl it out or slick it back or point it up. The choice is yours.


curly faux hawk haircut

4. Curly Faux Hawk

A beautiful thing about men’s faux hawks is that they don’t discriminate against hair type. In other words, men with curly hair can rock a nice faux hawk just like anyone else. Keep those curls close to the scalp or go full 80s synth pop artist. The choice is yours.


top spiked faux hawk hair style

5. High Top Spiked Faux Hawk

Tell a friend you have a “spiked” faux hawk and they’ll probably picture individual spikes pointing upright from your crown, but again those presumptions aren’t really accurate. Like the long hair faux hawk, a high top spiked faux hawk is more about volume and texture, positioning full hair outward but not necessarily turning one’s head into an impaling mechanism.


short buzz cut faux hawk

6.  Buzz Cut Faux Hawk

For hair that’s manageable, stylish and just a little outside the box, check out the buzz cut faux hawk. It’s the perfect entry point for faux hawks in general because it bears resemblance to plenty of other hairstyles and keeps the length short all around. Sometimes less is more and this is one of those times.


short around the sides classic faux hawk

7. Classic Faux Hawk

Long and full on top and short around the sides, the classic faux hawk shares a space with the modern quiff and pompadour as a style that’s approachable, singular and sharp all at once. If David Beckham can rock one, surely you can too.


faux hawk taper fade haircut

8. Taper Fade Faux Hawk

Tight in appearance and overflowing with clean vibes, the taper fade faux hawk remains a striking way to couple that haircut with the natural contours of your scalp and face. The result is a sharp look that’s truly yours and yours alone.


 rat tail faux hawk hair style

9. Rat Tail Faux Hawk

It might not look anything like a mohawk, but the rat tail faux hawk will draw just as much controversy. And while we don’t personally endorse this men’s hairstyle, we’re certainly not stopping you from being you. Sooo…yeah. Go for it.


front faux hawk haircuts for men

10. Action in the Front Faux Hawk

A general outlay of spikes or forward facing follicles dominate the front of the top while the sides tout a sleek fade or undercut. A true 21st century style.


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This article is part of our Trimmed & Terrific Series.

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